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PREVIEW: DC Horror Presents: Soul Plumber #2

After stealing blueprints from the Soul Plumbers in an attempt to build an exorcism machine, Edgar Wiggins has instead opened a portal that has pulled a homicidal inter-dimensional being into our world that has not only left carnage in its wake, but has left Edgar questioning his faith. Wow… DC Horror Presents: Soul Plumber #2 is weird…

Review 8.7

Lucifer #9 Review

When Caliban, son of Lucifer, comes across 18th century Lord Fowler, a depraved English nobleman obsessed with the hunt, he perhaps finds a way to return home to hell and confront Lucifer himself!  But does he?  Find out in our stunning Major Spoilers review!

Featured Batman: Kings of Fear #2 Review

Batman: Kings of Fear #2 Review

The Scarecrow has never been one of Batman’s A-list baddies. In fact, he may even be a C-lister, when you think about it. You overcome your fears, you take him down pretty quickly. But what if you or those around couldn’t overcome their fears? What if you go from fear to fear, in torture to torture?

That’s a lot of what this miniseries is about! If it goes well, it may catapult Scarecrow into the upper levels of Bat-baddies!


Swamp Thing #1 Review

Legendary writer (and creator of the Swamp Thing) Len Wein, returns to helm his creation…

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