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One of the few things I dislike about DC’s Rebirth is that it’s tough to sometimes know which issue is which Matthew Peterson has already reviewed Batwoman Rebirth #1, so that may make this issue “Rebirth Batwoman #1.” Augh! No matter what you call it, it’s good to have Kate Kane back in the black and red.

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Or – “Come To The Dark Side…  They Have Cookies!” During the events of ’52,’ the Religion of Crime was fixated on “the twice-named daughter of Kane,” and spent a great deal of time trying to skewer Batwoman in accordance with the prophecy.  They failed in stabbing her to death, but didn’t disappear, resurfacing with a new leader, a crazy white-skinned woman known as Alice.  During their intial encounter, Batwoman was stunned to have Alice refer to “our father,” before swan-diving into the freezing polluted waters of Gotham Bay.  Is Alice a loon, or is she genuine?  And does this

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Lots of announcements coming out of the DC Comics panels today.  Take the jump for word on Batman and more! UPDATED WITH PHOTOS AND MORE ANIMATION INFORMATION

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Woe is the comic fan who bemoans the loss of Paul Dini in Detective Comics and refuses to jump on a book featuring a strong female lead, for that comic book reader is going to miss out on one heck of an issue.

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