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Sneak Peek Books of Magic #17

[Preview] Books of Magic #17

Tim’s doppelgänger has proven to be a surprisingly seductive ally…but he’ll do anything it takes to stay here in our world! Here is your sneak peek of Books of Magic #17 from DC Comics.


Dueling Review: Books of Magic #1

Y’er a Wizard, Timothy! Tim Hunter may be the best magician ever, but does this look at the young magician reboot the character or simply add another chapter to his origin?


The Sandman Universe #1 Review

Neil Gaiman returns to one of his most popular creations as he handpicks a group of four authors to co-write a one-shot story which will carry into new titles under Vertigo’s Sandman Universe group. Is it a dream come true, or a nightmare in the making? Let’s find out in The Sandman Universe #1 from DC Vertigo.