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Review 8.0

Impossible Jones #1 Review

The impossible happens when a thief suddenly gets superpowers! How will Belle use her newfound abilities? Find out in Impossible Jones #1 by Scout Comics! 

Review Section Zero #5 Revie 7.0

Section Zero #5 Review

Sam Wildman’s search for Tina Challenger has consumed his life and become an abiding obsession.  Will the risks he takes and the friendships he shatters all be worth it in the end?  Find out in our review of Section Zero #5 from Image Comics.

Review 6.7

Section Zero #1 Review

Hunting down a bug boy in Southeast Asia, has Section Zero met their match?…find out in our Major Spoilers review of Section Zero #1!

Solicitations DC Primal Age

DC announces DC Primal Age

Magic, sword fighting, and mystical beasts take over the DCU and the DC Super Heroes need to save the day without technology in the upcoming DC Primal Age comic.

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