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Review Orcs #2 Review 7.0

Orcs #2 (of 6) Review

After getting into some trouble, the orcs are in for a dangerous fight against some squirrels! Check out Orcs #2 by BOOM! Studios and see what this group of troublemakers are up too! 

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Rocko’s Modern Afterlife #3

Rocko and Filburt finally manage to make it to Heffer’s house, but have they made it in time to prevent their dear pal from turning into a zombie? Check out this sneak peek of Rocko’s Modern Aferlife #3 that lands in stores on Wednesday.

Review Steven Universe #24 Review 8.0

Steven Universe #24 Review

To surprise Connie, Steven and the Gems work to restore an ancient Gem site.  Your Major Spoilers review of Steven Universe #24 awaits!

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