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Kabuki!  Resident Alien!  The Big Guy and Rusty The Boy Robot!  It’s the return of Dark Horse Comics’ most beloved anthology series, with a whole new volume of stories featuring favorites new and old…  Your Major Spoilers review of Dark Horse Presents #1 awaits! Kabuki!  Resident Alien!  The Big Guy and Rusty The Boy Robot!  It’s the return of Dark Horse Comics’ most beloved anthology series, with a whole new volume of stories featuring favorites new and old…  Your Major Spoilers review of Dark Horse Presents #1 awaits! DARK HORSE PRESENTS #1 Writer: Geof Darrow/David Mack/Peter Hogan/Brendan McCarthy/Jimmy Palmiotti &

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Press Release Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the signing of Justin Gray, who will be continuing Dynamite’s long standing success with America’s quintessential Western hero, as he takes the reins on a brand new series of The Lone Ranger. Launching with a new #1 in November 2014, The Lone Ranger will feature the exciting interior artwork of Rey Villegas (Lady Zorro), as well as covers by John Cassaday (Uncanny Avengers, Astonishing X-Men) and Marc Laming (All-New Invaders, Kings Watch).

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For all the Bat-books I’ve reviewed over time, I can’t believe I’ve never talked about Batwing, which has been a title I’ve enjoyed since its beginning. For those people who may not know, the “Batwing” has often been the alternative name for the flying vehicle that’s been referred to as the Batplane. But DC, anxious to create comics that have a diverse appeal, gave the name a serious upgrade and turned it into a superhero code name. Since the book began at the start of the New 52, the hero inside has been black, first a member of Batman Incorporated

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All Star WesternDCFeaturedReview

Or – “A Man Destined To Be At The Center Of Time-Travel Shenanigans, No Matter The Universe…” The JLU version of Jonah Hex had an iconic moment when he identified the power of Chronos as the result of time-travel.  When asked how he knew, he simply grunted, “Experience…”  Now that Booster Gold has arrived in his turf, Hex is once again forced to deal with future greenhorns and their baggage, and it’s probably not going to be an easy row to hoe.  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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DCFeaturedHuman BombReview

Or – “BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!” The Quality Comics stable of heroes have served DC well since they relaunched ’em back in the 70s, but mostly as supporting characters or as a team of Freedom Fighters.  Now that the New 52 has The Ray, The Doll-Man, Phantom Lady and an Uncle Sam who looks like Samuel L. Jackson, we’re on our way for a revival of the team, ala Marvel’s ‘Ultimates.’  How has the Human Bomb’s first solo series treated the explosive Freedom Fighter?  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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The revamped history of Duela Dent is revealed, as are her master plans and her secret partner in crime. After Batgirl is captured, it all falls on a newly reformed Catwoman to call in the cavalry. Will she make it in time or will the world fall into a girl-power-induced-cacophony of madness? Major Spoilers finds out!

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FeaturedNew 52Review

The Human Bomb has a long history with superhero comics. Debuting in the 1940s under the Quality Comics brand, he was a member of the Freedom Fighters. Able to detonate objects he touched, he became an obscure superhero in the DC universe, often associated by his team rather than an individual hero. With the new 52, this classic World War II character gets a cool, modern revamp. With a new secret identity and mini-series, the Human Bomb is ready to take on evil once again.

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DCFeaturedJonah HexReview

One of the niche titles to emerge from DC’s New 52, All Star Western’s tales of Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham have told some pretty good stories in its run so far. Now, in the middle of Zero Month, the book presents a tale of Jonah Hex’s past and provides some details of the mysterious gunslinger’s past. Get ready to slap leather, the Major Spoilers review awaits!

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DCFeaturedG.I. CombatReview

The zero issue month for DC’s New 52 has begun! Major Spoilers takes a look at G.I. Combat to see if it has what it takes to survive.

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DCFeaturedPhantom LadyReview

Or – “Not Entirely What I Had Expected…” One of the earliest female heroes of the Golden Age of Comics, Phantom Lady is usually notable for being (in Rodrigo’s words) “nakeder” than many other super-heroes.  Now, she’s back on her feet in the post-Flashpoint New 52, and her origin story is about to be told.  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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comic conventionDCsan diego

The panels are in full swing at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, and though we aren’t at the show, we’ve dug through the drek and present a rundown of the news from DC Comics’ The Dark and The Edge panel.

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FeaturedImage ComicsReview

A comic book and magazine hybrid is nothing new, with most dropping out of the picture shortly after release. Will Creator-Owned Heroes be able to beat off this trend and be a viable monthly title?

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DCFeaturedG.I. CombatNew 52Review

Or – “At Least They’re Committed To Multiple Genres…” Many people (including Major Spoilers’ own Stephen) have been voicing dissatisfaction with the proliferation of superhero titles on the stands, though it’s hardly a new issue.  I recall the same complaints abounding when I began reading comics back in the early 1980s, and I find it admirable that DC’s New 52 relaunches included a western, a couple of sorta-war titles as well as books aimed at younger readers.  Of course, one of those kinda sorta war titles went down with issue #8, but now we get to see what they’ve crafted

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All Star WesternDCFeaturedReview

Finally out of Gotham, Jonah Hex and Dr. Arkham have migrated south, and as the title of the book indicates, there are a couple more all-stars that join the line-up this month.

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