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Retro Review Legends #6 QOTD 7.3

Retro Review: Legends #6 (April 1987)

The Crisis On Infinite Earths reconfigured the entire DC Universe and brought all the various characters together on one Earth.  But…  what then?  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Legends #6 awaits!


Warner Bros. announces Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

If you aren’t familiar with the intergalactic villain group known as The Fatal Five, then you need to stop what you are doing right now and give a listen to our Legion Clubhouse podcast. Then, you will understand why the upcoming Justice League vs. The Fatal Five animated movie has captured our attention.

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Superman #4 Review

I’ve speculated on how Mr. Bendis would do on writing Superman for DC in the past. Honestly, I wasn’t very sure how he’d handle one of the company’s biggest guns.

Well, if the fourth issue of Superman is any indication, I think the Man of Steel is in good hands.


Justice League Odyssey #1 Review

Spinning out of the events of Justice League: No Justice, three heroes are called by a mysterious voice to a quarantined sector of space. What is the voice’s origins, and why have these particular heroes been called? We will find out some of these answers on September 26 with Justice League Odyssey #1 from DC Comics.

DC Injustice 2 #33 Review

Injustice 2 #33 Review

Tom Taylor is one of the luckiest guys in the comics industry. He has developed his own version of the DC Universe, and he’s done a lot of amazing things with it!

Of course, this comic is based on the Injustice video game, which he also scripted, and it’s just terrific fun!

DC Justice League #7 Review

Justice League #7 Review

The Totality arc is nearing its end as the Justice League faces off against the Legion of Doom. The stakes – only the entire universe! Here is the Major Spoilers review of Justice League #7 from DC Comics.


Justice League #6 Review

Up until now, it has looked like the Legion of Doom was ahead at every turn. With the sentient sun Umbrax perilously close to taking over Earth itself, can the Justice League tip the balance in their favor? Let’s find out in Justice League #6 from DC Comics.

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