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Ever wanted more high heels in your Jurassic World movie? What about the entire series of JP films? XVP Comedy has taken your favorite moments and given them a fashion makeover.

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Friday Sing-AlongMoviesMusicVideo

With Jurassic World opening wide today, and on target for $130 million opening weekend, I expect a lot of us will be humming the Jurassic Park theme by John Williams, but we probably won’t be as good as this acapella version!    

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There’s a new Jurassic World poster that was sent to us from the studio ahead of the new trailer that arrives on Monday.

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Ready to watch football on Thanksgiving? I’m betting after you watch the teaser trailer for Jurassic World you will be.

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It’s #WonderWomanWeek here at Major Spoilers so we have a few items to help you celebrate, plus did Toys ‘R’ Us break bad, and the LEGO Ideas project all on this week’s episode of The Want List!

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Be Slimmer for Halloween, the scariest gummy bears you will ever see, LEGO is in a lost world, and a pint from far, far away, it’s all on this week’s episode of The Want List!

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersThe Want List

This week on The Want List, a new twist on a classic game, a full-sized Captain America, and a custom ride fit for a Jurassic park!

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In the great decade that was the 90’s Steven Spielberg released a movie that capture the imagination of audiences everywhere. Now he hopes to take audiences back to that horrifyingly, magical land of Jurassic Park, but this time in 3D. You can watch the first trailer, not in 3D, for the release right after the jump.

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During the Tintin panel at the San Diego Comic Con, director Steven Spielberg announced Jurassic Park 4 is in the works. I’ll let that sink in… Got it? Because I’m sure your scrambling to the IMDB to look up the info on Jurassic Park 3, as it was such a stellar success. The story and writer have already been set… and now we can all sleep soundly knowing Jeff Goldblum has a reason to start doing a happy dance. As much as I liked the first movie in terms of the special effects, you can tell I’m thrilled over this

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Iron ManJon FavreauMarvelMovies

We live in a different movie world than we did a few years ago, when a 51% drop in box office revenues would have spelled death for a film (Jurassic Park II anyone…). Today, with movie studios eager to nab as much as they can opening weekend, the drop is probably expected, especially as the summer box office heats up with a major motion picture hitting theaters each weekend. Regardless, Iron Man took the top spot once again bringing in an estimated $50.5 million for its second weekend, racking up up an estimated $177.1 million in domestic box office sales.

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