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Sneak Peek Judge Dredd End of Days

FIRST LOOK: Judge Dredd: End of Days

2000 AD has released this sneak peek of Judge Dredd: End of Days, which arrives in the UK this week, and in the US in April 2021. Regardless of where you are in the world, take the jump for this sneak peek of the book.

Review Judge Dredd False witness #4 Review 7.0

Judge Dredd: False Witness #4 Review

In Judge Dredd: False Witness #4,  Mathias Lincoln is having a very bad day.  Captured by the Judges, his mind ripped open to find its secrets, confronted by the killer of his best friend, and destined for the iso-cubes, can Lincoln bring down a huge conspiracy before it is too late?  Find out  in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review 9.7

2000AD PROG 2193 Review

2000AD PROG 2193 contains multitudes!  Follow Judge Dredd as he battles the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, gasp as Tee defends against the Luxine Knights, hoot and holler as Solomon Ravne takes on the demonic Red Madonna, wonder as reality collapses in The Order and venture into the far unknown in The Out!  Will you survive these tumultuous adventures? Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Judge Dredd Ghost Town 9.0

Judge Dredd: Ghost Town Review

After the mayhem and destruction of the Chaos Bug, Mega-City One is a shadow of its former self. Despite the death and destruction which has rained down on them past the breaking point, the law must still be upheld. Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson continue to patrol the streets, meeting out justice wherever it is needed. Find out more about the struggle to preserve law and order in the latest 2000 A.D. Digest from Rebellion, JUDGE DREDD: GHOST TOWN.

Review Judge Dredd Megazine #404 8.0

Judge Dredd Megazine #404 Review

The first issue of 2019, Judge Dredd Megazine #404 finds shelves here in the United States a little later than in the United Kingdom, but that doesn’t matter. It is still filled with explosive stories from some of the best the industry has to offer!

2000 AD

Dredd: Final Judgement #1 Review

The law is there to save the innocent, to protect the citizens from the darker desires of their fellows. But what happens when an experiment gone wrong opens a gate to a dead world, but the dead know no rest? Dredd: Final Judgement, the final comic sequel to the 2012 film Dredd, is out October 3, 2018, from Rebellion.


Judge Dredd Under Siege #1 Review

Contact with the Patrick Swayze Block is lost, and it is up to Judges Dredd and Beeny to find out why. Does Judge Dredd: Under Siege #1 hold up, or will readers be underwhelmed?

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