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Review Batman Superman #15 Review 9.7

Batman Superman #15 Review

It’s Joshua Williamson’s last issue of Batman Superman! I think he set the bar really high for the new creative team when they take over with #16 in March!


DC to release DC’s Infinite Frontier #0

With DC Comics getting reboot(?), relauch(?), return(?), or something happening that requires a lot of new first issues in March 2021, the publishers is releasing a 68-page one-shot that teases what is to come.

Review Justice League #56 Review 6.3

Justice League #56 Review

It’s Mindhunter versus Manhunter, with all reality in the balance!  Your Major Spoilers review of Justice League #56 from DC Comics awaits!

Sneak Peek Batman Superman #13

[PREVIEW] Batman Superman #13

What happens when the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel wake up on a skull-shaped planetoid packed full of cybernetic versions of their entire rogues galleries? Take the jump for a sneak peek of Batman Superman #13 to find out.

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