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Sneak Peek Infinite Frontier #1

PREVIEW: Infinite Frontier #1

Alan Scott, the Green Lantern from the Justice Society of America, has noticed some of his allies are still missing in action, and he’s determined to find them, kicking off Infinite Frontier #1 from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Superman: Red and Blue #4

PREVIEW: Superman: Red and Blue #4

This month cover star Bizarro leaves the Red & Blue family by not being in a story all about his very own birthday. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Superman: Red and Blue #4 from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Future State: Gotham #2

PREVIEW: Future State: Gotham #2

Countless people are dead, seemingly at the hands of the Next Batman. Will justice be served in Future State: Gotham #2? Find out in this sneak peek of the issue from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Robin #2

PREVIEW: Robin #2

Damian is dead!? Could it be true!? We’ll have to take the jump for this sneak peek of Robin #2 from DC Comics to find out.

Sneak Peek Skybound

FIRST LOOK: Skybound X #1

Skybound has released an early look at Skybound X #1 from Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Tillie Walden, Donny Cates, Joshua Williamson, Chip Zdarsky, James Harren, and Daniel Warren Johnson.

Sneak Peek Robin #1

PREVIEW: Robin #1

A new Robin series is here! Take the jump to see what Damian Wayne is up to in Robin #1 from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Detective Comics #1034

PREVIEW: Detective Comics #1034

With the loss of his fortune and manor, the election of Mayor Nakano, and the growing anti-vigilante sentiment in Gotham, Bruce Wayne must rethink how to be Batman in Detective Comics #1034 from DC Comics.

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