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A few days ago, Marvel brought us the news that Marvel’s “First Family” was coming back to monthly comics. When they first faded away back in 2015, I wrote a column that I was fine with them taking a break until the House of Ideas put together a concept that would be worth the time and money. I’m hoping they’ve made that happen.

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I have to say, right off the bat, that I have NOT seen the recent Fantastic Four movie. I usually don’t let reviewers control my perception of a film, but this time the chorus was so unanimous that I figured it was better to wait until the film hit the Netflix-type venue. I couldn’t begin to say how uninterested I was in the motion picture! Linked with that has been the news that Marvel is not bringing back the FF anytime soon. I’ve read a great many opinion pieces in the comics press begging the House of Ideas to bring

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Press Release “FLAME ON” once more! Fantastic Four #600, available today in comic stores and on the Marvel Comics app, brings the Human Torch back to the Marvel Universe. But, after his dramatic death, how did this founding member of the FF return? And, when one of their deadliest enemies mounts his greatest assault, will this family reunion be short-lived? The answers arrive in this giant-sized issue—with 100 pages of all-new stories—from writer Jonathan Hickman and some of the most acclaimed artists in comics today, including Steve Epting, Leinil Yu and more! This issue also features covers from the some

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