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Dark Nights: Metal #2
Dark MatterDCSolicitations

DC is so metal right now with the upcoming release of Dark Nights: Metal #1. And with the first issue set to release, issue #2 is just around the corner. DC Comics sent us the cover images by Andy Kubert, John Romita, Jr. and Jim Lee.

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Dark Matter
comic conventionDark MatterSolicitations

We know Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder are taking on Dark Nights: Metal, but today, DC Comics announced it is all part of a bigger plan to team the hottest artists and hottest writers together in six new titles.

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DCSneak PeekSuicide Squad

Will Deadshot finally escape from the Suicide Squad? Find out in this sneak peek of Suicide Squad #13 from DC Comics.

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Civil WarFeatureFeatured

What Civil War Tie-In Comics Do You NEED to Read?

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Dynamic ForcesKick-AssstatuesToys

Press Release From the feature film based on Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl is a lethal martial artist and weapons expert; she has been trained to fight crime practically since her childhood.   In the film adaptation, Mindy is played by Chloë Moretz, for which this statue is modeled after.  Standing 9 ½ inches tall to the tip of her gun and measuring 4.5″ W x 4.5″ D, Hit-Girl has been sculpted and painted in meticulous detail by Joy & Tom Studios.  The Hit-Girl School Girl Statue is being offered for an incredibly introductory price of only $279.99

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Amazing Spider-ManIDW PublishingMarvelPress ReleaseSolicitationsSpider-Man

Press Release JOHN ROMITA’S THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: ARTIST’S EDITION is the next book in the ongoing Artist’s Edition series from IDW Publishing. Collecting six classic issues from Romita’s stellar run on The Amazing Spider-Man, each and every page scanned from the original art and presented at full size, the same as it looked on Romita’s drawing table.

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IDW PublishingMarvelPress ReleaseSolicitationsSpider-Man

Press Release It will be a happy holiday season for fans of John Romita and his classic work on Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man with IDW Publishing’s JOHN ROMITA’S THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: ARTIST’S EDITION. This must-have collector’s hardcover is the fourth in IDW’s Artist’s Edition series and will offer one hundred and forty-four pages of original Romita Spider-Man art.

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Amazing Spider-Mancomic conventionIDW PublishingMarvelPress Releasesan diegoSpider-Man

Press Release The second day of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con featured yet another stunning announcement from IDW Publishing: the company’s second Marvel Artist’s Edition collection, JOHN ROMITA’S THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. This must-have collector’s hardcover is the fourth in IDW’s Artist’s Edition series and will offer one hundred and forty-four pages of original Romita Spider-Man art.

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Alex RossDynamite EntertainmentProject SuperpowersSolicitations

Dynamite Entertainment has announced the third spin-off series from its popular Project Superpowers series, will be Masquerade.  The four-issue mini-series will be written by Phil Hester of The Darkness fame, with art by Carlos Paul and Deborah Carita. “Project Superpowers is such an epic, larger-than-life event that I’m thrilled to be allowed a small role in the event,” stated writer Phil Hester. “I believe Masquerade will give fans of the larger series a look at what makes these characters work on a human level. Masquerade is both a secret origin and a personal memoir of earth shaking events spanning from

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Image ComicsReview

When I was a kid, I remember wanting to be a comic book artist so badly it hurt. Comics had been in my life since before I could remember, and many a day was spent tracing over the art of the greats like Don Heck, John Romita, and Jack Kirby. I shudder to think the number of Bronze Age comics I devalued or destroyed in the name of artistic training. When I got older, I enrolled in every art class I could find and actually became quite good, winning state contests and school shows. The thing that always bugged me

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