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Captain AmericaFeaturedMarvelReview

Marvel’s experiment in re-numbering delivers a new Captain America story. Does the man out of time get a chance to shine, or does Marvel NOW fail on its promises with Captain America #1? All this and more after the jump!

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John Romita JrMarvelrick remender

So is the Soldier, the Winter Soldier, Captain America, Nick Fury, Cable, or someone else?  Regardless Marvel is betting that Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. can bring it NOW! Well… in November at least… via Marvel

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Or – “She Looks Really Weird On That Cover, Doesn’t She?” I’ve been a fan of John Romita Jr. since his run on Spider-Man decades ago, and have appreciated Mark Millar’s work since the early 90’s.  When they work together, though, I find my opinion of their work to be all over the place.  Can Hit-Girl get past the novelty value of a foul-mouthed 12 year old murderess?  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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AvengersMarvelSneak PeekX-Men

In stores right now is the latest installment of Avengers vs. X-Men.  Marvel released a sneak peek to remind us all that your local comic book store is now open and that you should buy this book.

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Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionHero InitiativePress Release

Press Release The Baltimore Comic-Con is happy to announce the addition of comic super-star John Romita, Jr. to the growing line-up for this year’s show, taking place September 8-9, 2012 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Romita, Jr. will be appearing at the Hero Initiative booth both Saturday and Sunday.

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AvengersMarvelSneak PeekX-Men

Marvel has released a sneak peek of Avengers vs. X-Men #4 that features Thor taking on the Phoenix… IN SPACE!

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Or – “Measuring ‘The Biggest Comics Event Of The Year’ Takes A Big Stick.” Is it just me, or does the cover to this issue look to anyone else like Conky’s Secret Word was “crossover?”

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Brian Michael BendisIlluminatiMarvelteaser

Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita, Jr. are bringing the Illuminati back in Avengers #8 arriving this December from Marvel. Is there are WOOT! for this one? via Marvel

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AvengersBrian Michael BendisJohn Romita JrMarvel

Marvel Comics sent over this teaser image for the Brian Michael Bendis, John Romita, Jr. Avengers series, that teases some mega action. Avengers #4 arrives August 25, 2010, for a mere $3.99. via Marvel

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AvengersBrian Michael BendisJohn Romita JrMarvelSneak Peek

Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Avengers #2 by the team of Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita, Jr.

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Or – “I Think This Is Volume Four, But I’m Not Sure It Matters…” From the ashes of the New Avengers comes…  the old Avengers!  Or at least a reasonable approximation of their membership.  With the Green Goblin replaced by the Super-Soldier, the time has come from heroes to step out of the shadows, free of the fear of government interference and do their Avengery thing in broad daylight.  Two questions remain, though:  What is Steve Rogers’ ultimate goal and WHO will he choose to populate the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

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AvengersBrian Michael BendisMarvel

Here’s the image Marvel sent out promoting the upcoming Avengers #1 from Brian Bendis and John Romita, Jr. that arrives in May. via Marvel

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Ed McGuinnessHulkMarvelSneak Peek

There was a lot of talk surrounding Fall of the Hulks Alpha when we featured on the site, so I’m guessing this sneak peek from Marvel of Fall of the Hulks Gamma will get a few of you to comment.

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Image ComicsJim LeePress Release

Press Release JIM LEE, the fan favorite artist of Batman, X-Men & WildC.A.T.s, provides the Image Comics published Comic Book Legal Defense Fund benefit anthology, LIBERTY COMICS #2 with an all-new, limited edition 1-in-25  variant cover based off his collaboration with Sandman writer NEIL GAIMAN.

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