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Well this sounds pretty cool, Kelly Hu will voice Sha Shan Nguyen on Monday’s episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man. VENOM is back and framing SPIDER-MAN. Meanwhile, alien spores infect JOHN JAMESON, increasing his size, strength and mass. J. JONAH JAMESON convinces his son to become a super-hero to capture Spidey. via Disney

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Marvel Animation has posted the episode rundown and descriptions for the upcoming second season of The Spectacular Spider-Man.  There was a huge amount of buzz over season one (we even reviewed it on the Major Spoilers Podcast), and season two looks even better. Canadians get to see the new episodes in January, while us ‘mericans have to wait until March.  And no, Gwen Stacy doesn’t die this season.

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There’s an all new episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man hitting the airwaves this weekend on the Kids’ WB! on the CW, and it’s Halloween time for the kids of NYC. You better bet Peter Parker is going as his alter ego and fooling everybody. Major Spoilers has a sneak peek of this weekend’s episode called The Uncertainty Principle, after the jump.

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