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Review 8.3

Rumble #12 Review

Allied with Bobby and Timmah, a trickster god and a seven-headed hydra, can Rathraq, immortal warrior god trapped in the body of a scarecrow, take down Plague, one of the Scourge Knights of the Apocalypse, before all of existence is infected? Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Rumble #12!

Review Crimson Lotus #4 Review 7.7

Crimson Lotus #4 (of 5) Review

Old-fashioned spycraft meets even older-fashioned magic, but can even that synthesis stand against The Crimson Lotus and her mystical prowess?  Your Major Spoilers review of Crimson Lotus #4 awaits!


Rumble #1 Review

After what was an all too long hiatus, John Arcudi’s barbarian scarecrow comic returns.  With…

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