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Review Non-Stop Spider-Man #5 Review 3.0

Non-Stop Spider-Man #5 Review

Baron Zemo has injected Spidey with his designer cocktail and now he’s falling to his doom…  So, y’know, Tuesday.  Your Major Spoilers review of Non-Stop Spider-Man #5 from Marvel Comics awaits!

So You Want to Read Comics So You Want to read comics wandavision edition

So You Want To Read Comics: Wandavision Edition

Are you familiar with The Ship of Theseus? Doesn’t matter, because it’s time for “So You Want To Read Comics”, a weekly feature where we take a look at a single subject and then offer you a pair of comic book recommendations that are great for new readers, based on that topic.  This week we’re taking a look at Wandavision. 

Digital Comics Umami

[Solicitations] Will cooking skills save the day in Umami?

This weekend, I Kill Giants starring Zoe Saldana brings the comic book world of Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura’s series to life. With the movie releasing everywhere, there may be more than a few people looking for artist Ken Niimura’s new series. Luckily for us, Umami is ready for your consumption.

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