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Review 6.7

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #8 Review

The Stilean Flesh Eaters storyline is wrapping up.  But before that can happen, can the Doctor determine the true history of podcasting sensation Bethany Brunwine?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of The Thirteenth Doctor #8!

Review 9.3

Faith: Dreamside #3 Review

Searching for Animalia takes Faith and Dr. Mirage into the Deadside – but what kind of dead realm is this? Giggling flowers? Talking trees? Is it sweetness and light, or do they hide something more sinister?

Review Faith: Dreamside #2 Review 9.0

Faith: Dreamside #2 Review

The young psiot hero, Animalia, has turned to Faith to try to get some help with a little problem involving ghosts. The two of them are on the lam and looking for help from Dr. Mirage. But Animalia’s spirits are no ordinary spirits, so what are they?

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