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Sneak Peek Faith: Dreamside #2

[Preview] Faith: Dreamside #2

Faith: Dreamside #1 landed in stores last week, and while we still have a few weeks before the next issue arrives, today we have a look at Faith: Dreamside #2 by Jody Houser and MJ Kim.

Featured Faith: Dreamside #1 Review

Faith: Dreamside #1 Review

Wanted by the police, Faith has been forced into the open by her own sense of responsibility. But when an old acquaintance comes to her for help, will she be able to cultivate a sense of self-preservation? We find out in Faith: Dreamside #1, on shelves September 26 from Valiant Entertainment.

Dark Horse Comics StarCraft Scavengers #1 Review

StarCraft: Scavengers #1 Review

It’s a time of peace, albeit a tenuous peace, in the Starcraft Universe. The Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg are currently at a cease-fire, but how long will it last? And what part does a scavenger crew have to play in the future of the universe? Let’s look at StarCraft: Scavengers #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

Solicitations Faith: Dreamside #1

Faith: Dreamside #1

In September, Valiant Entertainment kicks off an all-new adventure featuring everyone’s favorite fangirl, Faith. Faith: Dreamside #1 is written by Jody Houser, with art by MJ Kim.

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