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FeaturedMajor SpoilersTen Things

In the history of comics, there have been hundreds of super-teams, ranging from 3 members to 30 or more, and while every group has their standout fan favorites, not everyone get the attention they deserve…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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DCFeaturedjustice league internationalNew 52Review

Or – “And We’re OFF!” Last week, we looked at Justice League #1, the foundations of the all-new DCU.  Now, we get a look at the contemporary League, a group with just as much Batman and Green Lantern but a lot more questions about who ELSE is in the lineup…  Here’s a hint:  I think we were pretty much all  wrong.

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DCFeaturedg'nortjustice league internationalRetro ReviewReview

Or – “Bwah Ha Ha HAAA!” These days, it seems that the 80’s ‘Bwah Ha Ha’ Justice League is a pretty devalued commodity, what with the multiple deaths, several heel turns, at least one brutal rape, and a general undercurrent of unpleasantness.  If these weren’t the actual stories taking place on a parallel Earth, one might even conclude that SOMEONE in power is embarrassed by these stories…  Settle in and get ready to decide whether or not they should be!

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Booster GoldDCReview

The Booster Gold title has been one of the biggest surprises in recent years. No one ever thought that Booster Gold could be developed in to a comic title that anyone would actually pine for. But with Geoff Johns writing all bets are off apparently, as Booster Gold #09 continues the mind-blowing adventures of Booster and his best friend, Blue Beetle.

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