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IDW PublishingSneak Peek

IDW Publishing sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Jinnrise #9, that arrives in stores this week.

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I hope you’re ready for some diversity in comics, because in the 108th episode, I have a great interview with Sohaib Awan from Jinnrise, a terrific comic made available here in the U.S. by IDW Publishing! We chat about the series and the importance of comics being educational as well as entertaining, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say. Then everything wraps up with the latest  “News & Previews!” Don’t miss it! Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed! Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed RSS Feed Show

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FeaturedIDW PublishingReview

Lahasad-Brim, an exiled warrior for the Kibrani, is featured in this third issue of Jinnrise by Sohaib Awan and Tony Vassallo. Why was he exiled from his people? Was it for crimes against alien-kind or something deeper? Major Spoilers finds out!

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FeaturedImage ComicsReview

Ready for something completely different? It’s Genies VS. Aliens in Jinnrise #1 from Image Comics!

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IDW PublishingPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release After serving as the official branding of April’s first-ever Middle East Film and Comic-Con and premiering on comiXology (, IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce the 2013 release of JINNRISE ( Jabal Entertainment’s virgin comic series, JINNRISE has found a home with the industry’s fastest-growing publisher.

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