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If you haven’t heard, James Olsen (played by Mehcad Brooks) will get a new job this season on Supergirl.

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersPodcastTop Five Podcast

Top Five Sidekicks Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five. What is a hero without a sidekick? A way for the average reader, listener, or viewer to get into the world of the hero, the sidekick is an all important aspect of any adventure duo. Indiana Jones had Shortround, Sherlock had Watson, but who are our Top Five Sidekicks?

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CastingcbsDCFeaturedJimmy OlsenSupergirl

Hot on the heels of CBS’ announcement that Glee alumna Melissa Benoist will take up the mantle of Supergirl in her titular series today it was announce that Mehcad Brooks (who is perhaps best known for playing Eggs on True Blood), will be playing reporter Jimmy Olsen.     DC continues their trend of colour-blind casting with Brooks stepping into the role of Olsen and his age (Brooks is 34 years old), brings into questions which incarnation of Superman’s Best Friend audiences are going to be seeing in Supergirl? Are you excited by Mehad Brooks’ casting? Do you love Jimmy

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DCMoviesSupermanWarner Bros.

There’s a pretty interesting rumor going around, that is starting to look more and more spot on in regards to the upcoming The Man of Steel movie, and it has to do with Rule 63.

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From the EditorPoll

It’s time once again to turn our gaze to the octagon! Two characters enter, one will leave victorious!  It’s the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week! As everyone knows, one of the keys to becoming a contender in the ring is to make sure you are eating a well balanced diet.  This week, the gloves are off, and the aprons go on, as we ask the all important question, “Who is the better cook?” “Allez cuisine!”

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comic conventionDC

This weekend, at Kapow! in London, DC Comics co-publisher, Dan DiDio announced that the company will reintroduce a previously existing DC character who was straight and will now be “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

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A trope is a recognizable theme used in storytelling. The kidnapped princess, the final battle, the training montage, these are all tropes we have seen again and again. Usually recognition of a familiar trope is a good thing, it lets the audience know how they should feel about things and sets them up either for a satisfying conclusion or an excited twist. But what happens when a trope goes stale? When you can’t watch two hours of TV without seeing the same situation over and over, like the wriiers just emptied their cliche bladders all over the place? Some themes have suffered this fate, through excessive use now they accomplish the opposite of what the writers want, to take the viewer out of the experience. What follows is a list of tropes that I find tiresome, troubling and most of all trite.

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DCSneak PeekSuperman

DC has released a sneak peek of the upcoming Superman: Secret Origins #1 issue.  While a lot of people might get pretty excited about what awaits after the jump, all I can say is it reminds me a lot of one of the season finales of Smallville.

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First Day on the Job Look! Up in the sky!  Is it a bird? Nooooo. Is it a plane? Nooooo. Is it Superman? Noooo. That’s usually how the conversation with my two year old goes when we’re goofing around on the way to school in the morning.  That also appears to be the conversation the citizens of Metropolis are having as there’s a new hero in town buzzing the skies above the city.

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DCPeter J. TomasiReviewThe Mighty

It’s like 1938 all over again This week saw the release of The Mighty from DC Comics.  While the series is from DC, it is not set on New Earth (or whatever they hell they’re calling it after Final Crisis), but it does feature a hero who might as well be Superman. Are readers tired of the Superman mythos?  The strongest man in the world protecting those less fortunate than he seems like a great premise, but it really depends on how that character views himself among mere mortals.

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DCGeoff JohnsGreen LanternReview

The Secret Origin storyline being run within the Green Lantern issues reached its fourth part this month. Being written by Geoff Johns, you can pretty much expect a good story, and so far, he’s been really hitting the mark. It was interesting to see, what essentially is a “Year One” storyline done within the pages of Green Lantern. Add on to that the total ret-conning that he is doing for the upcoming Blackest Night storyline in GL, and you have a gem of a series. Or so you would think.

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CountdownDCFinal CrisisReview

or, OH thank HEAVENS it is finally over! With a sigh of relief I opened the pages of the last issue of Countdown, and with a similar sigh I closed them a few minutes later. They had not finished badly, as previous issues had suggested they might. Though they finished leaving me baffled, it was not “bad.” Countdown, issue number 1 (or 52, whatever), both finished off the Countdown saga, and paved a few stepping stones for Final Crisis.

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Though this is a week late, and the review for the next episode will soon be following, I decided that I would uphold my end of the bargain and review Countdown to Final Crisis #3. Mainly, because I want to provide ~wyntermute~ with another review that isn’t 5/5, but also because I said I would review the last 5 issues (assuming that there is a 0 issue).

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