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Fans of Marvel Comics, especially in the Bronze Age, were aware of the cardinal rule of the Marvel Universe: No title was for real, until they got their obligatory Spider-Man cameo appearance.  That holds true even if your heroes are giant robot invaders from planet Cybertron…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Transformers #3 awaits!

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Press Release Papercutz, the industry’s leading children’s graphic novel publisher, has announced the latest addition to its successful WWE publishing program. WWE SLAM CITY, the second Papercutz series to feature the WWE Superstars will make its debut in August 2014.

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Do you love the Rabbids as much as my kids do? Have you purchased the Rabbids gun and fire it off a million times a day? Marc Silvestri has one, and there are a number of you who we know enjoy playing the video games and watching the online animated series.  You’re about to get a lot more Rabbids thanks to Papercutz.

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