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There’s a new Batwoman series coming our way, and DC just shared a cover image from JH WIlliams III. via The Source

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ROBOT OVERLORD: The only things standing in the way of me becoming the supreme ruler of this planet, are the number of government agencies tracking my every online move, and a good pair of walking legs. For those who seek to do wrong in the funny pages, it’s up to the superheroes of the world to thwart their schemes. But what happens when my man Joseph McCarthy tells them to unmask? I’ll let my underlings fill you in.

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DCSneak Peek

The first issue of the Greg Rucka, JH Williams III Detective Comics series took off like a bang, with fans falling all over themselves trying to heap a big amount of praise on the work.  Detective Comics #855 arrives on store shelves on July 29, 2009, and DC Comics has released a sneak preview for you to check out.

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It just might be the case if you read between the words and spaces in a very vague JH Williams III post on his blog. Going through some Promethea files for reasons that will be made clear in a later post and thought I would put of some these into blogs. For those not familiar with the series – to the Wiki! Serialized in 32 issues on an irregular schedule from 1999 to 2005, the series explores Alan Moore’s ideas about art and magic, combining elements of superhero action, metaphysical theorizing, and psychedelic revelation, all focused on the adventures of

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