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Dave StevensIDW Publishing

One of my favorite finds from the 1980’s was Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer.  Since it wasn’t published by one of the big two at the time, I had a devil of a time tracking down the individual issues.  Each comic book convention I’ve attended in the recent years, have either not had the missing issues I needed, or had the price jacked up beyond having a nice reader copy. Fortunately, this October (2009), IDW will release the complete collected Rocketeer series in a nice hardcover edition featuring a cover remastered from Dave Stevens original work. After more than a decade

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DCRann Thanagar Holy WarReview

I was actually looking forward to this comic, the second installation in the Rann-Thanagar Holy War series. I’m a science fiction nerd at heart, and whenever you get guys flying around with ray-guns and rocket packs, I’m a happy man. And this issue was just as good as the last one, with a story that really has me interested by Jim Starlin.

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