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Sneak Peek Daredevil #25

[Preview] Daredevil #25

The Man Without Fear is behind bars in Daredevil #25, and you can get a sneak peek of the issue from Marvel Comics, after the jump.

Review Seven to Eternity #14 Review 9.0

Seven to Eternity #14

In Seven to Eternity #14, after killing Volmer the Sky King, Garils and Adam trek to the Springs of Zhal, to cure a dying Adam.  But what is the cost of the cure, and immortality, and is Adam willing to pay it?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Variant Covers

Image Comics shares more variant covers for Spawn #301

If you thought Spawn #300 was out of this world, Spawn #301 looks to be just as important, and Image Comics is celebrating with a number of variant covers. Today, we have a look at variant covers from Jerome Opeña, Alex Ross, Bill Sienkiewicz, and J. Scott Campbell.

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