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It’s time to meet Bizarro! Lex Luthor decides to try and best Superman yet again. This time, it’s through the wonders of cloning, creating everyone’s favorite grey-skinned, fire-breathing, ice-vision shooting, Superman-clone. Is it all worth it in the end? Yes. Is that answer in Bizarro speak? Maybe. More after the jump!

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artSean Galloway

I’ve been a fan of his since seeing his Spider-Man work, and today I offer up a piece from his original creation Bastion’s 7. This month I finish my run on Spectacular Spider-Man Animated. 2 seasons flew by really quick. During the time off, until another season gets picked up, I’ll be working on my Bastion’s 7 property. I have been hungering to cut loose. After picking up books from my peers, and getting tips from my sensei, Jeff Johnson, I think I’m ready to do it up proper. Sequentials scare the poop outta me. I guess what I fear

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