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Dark Horse ComicsPress Release

Press Release Following up on the incredible response to last fall’s digital comics series, Dark Horse Comics is thrilled to announce that Husbands will be hitting the road in conjunction with the collection’s release on March 27, as first reported on AfterElton.

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Dark Horse ComicsReview

Reality Shows Bite and Suck Often times a television show will have an entire episode that only features cameo appearances by the lead cast members.  This is done for contractual reasons, pregnancy issues, and too many other nit-picky reasons to get into.  Those lesser-cast member shows often are throw away nothings, but in Buffy the Vampire Slayer #21, Jane Espenson is able to spin a most awesome tale that pokes fun at reality television and kills Andy Dick in the process.

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comic conventionDark Horse Comics

Here are the bullet points from today’s Dark Horse Comics Panel.  Hey, we can’t just cover DC and Marvel now, can we?

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