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AquamanDCMoviesWarner Bros.Zack Snyder

Jason Mamoa is all set to play Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League movie, but we have learned that the stand alone movie now has a director.

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MoviesNew Line

A while ago, during our discussion of MacGyver #1, I mentioned that the issue felt like a build up to a new movie.  Looks like predictions are becoming a reality as New Line Cinema moves a MacGyver movie closer to reality.

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Boom StudiosFeaturedMichael Alan NelsonReview

Being on deaths door can rob you of many things besides your future. But when your memories begin to fade, and important moments slip through the cracks, you are left with what kind of man you want to be. For better, or for worse, as the tumor is just part of the laundry list of troubles. ** Warning! This issue doesn’t come out until April 20th, 2010. So SPOILERS may be ahead! **

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