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Sneak Peek Avengers: Tech-On #1

PREVIEW: Avengers: Tech-On #1

When the Red Skull wields a strange new power that strips heroes of their powers and threatens the entire world, the Avengers turn to Tony Stark’s experimental new technology to save us all. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Avengers: Tech-On #1 from Marvel Comics.

Review Heroes Reborn #4 Review 8.7

Heroes Reborn #4 Review

Doctor Spectrum acts as a space police for the American People! But his aggressive methods have made him many enemies in the universe. Find out more in Heroes Reborn #4 by Marvel Comic! 

Sneak Peek Heroes Reborn #4

PREVIEW: Heroes Reborn #4

With the cosmic might of his Power Prism, Doctor Spectrum has become the most feared lawman in the heavens in Heroes Reborn #4 from Marvel Comics.

Sneak Peek Superman Red and Blue #3

PREVIEW: Superman Red and Blue #3

Five more incredible tales of the Man of Steel, told in an art style that pays tribute to his primary colors. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Superman Red and Blue #3 from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Warhammer 40000 #3

[Preview] Warhammer 40000: Marneus Calgar #3

In the 41st millennium, heretics invade the homeworld of MARNEUS CALGAR — and only he and his ULTRAMARINES can stop them! Take the jump for a sneak peek of Warhammer 40000: Marneus Calgar #3 from Marvel Comics.

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