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There’s something about Hollywood that grabs our imaginations and won’t let go. When people tell stories through movies or television, we often find the individuals making these things happen can be as interesting as the projects they release to the public. I’ve always found stunt drivers to be particularly fascinating since they can make cars do things I can’t imagine doing myself. They put themselves on the line while performing these stunts, so there’s an element of danger that I wish I could consider, but I know myself better!

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Press Release IDW Publishing hits the sun-bleached streets of L.A. this summer with the comic-book adaption of James Sallis’ modern noir classic, DRIVE. Artist Antonio Fuso (G.I. Joe: Cobra, Zombies vs Robots) alongside IDW’s own Michael Benedetto will adapt Sallis’ novel into a four-part series of Hollywood stunt driving, high-stakes heists, and cold-blooded revenge.

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