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So You Want to Read Comics

So You Want to Read Comics: Spy Edition

Synchronize your watches and pick a code name because it’s time for So You Want To Read Comics, our weekly feature where we take a look at a single topic, then suggest comic books for new readers, based on that topic.  This week we’re diving into the cloak and dagger world of spy fiction. 

Dynamite Entertainment James Bond Humble Bundle

Binge on Bond!

Dynamite Entertainment and Humble Bundle have teamed to get fans over 2,000 pages of James Bond comics to keep you entertained while you are stuck at home.

Sneak Peek James Bond #4

[Preview] James Bond #4

Will trusting someone else help Bond’s mission… or lead to the deaths of innocents? Take the jump for this sneak peek of James Bond #4 from Dynamite Entertainment.

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