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[First Look] Origins

BOOM! Studios sent Major Spoilers an early look at Origins, a new graphic novel from Arash Amel, Joseph Oxford, Lee Toland Krieger, Clay McLeod Chapman, Jakub Rebelka, Patricio Delpeche and Jim Campbell.

Solicitations Origins

The rebirth of humanity happens in Origins from BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios has announced ORIGINS, a brand new original graphic novel by Arash Amel, Joseph Oxford, and Lee Toland Krieger, acclaimed writer Clay McLeod Chapman and illustrator Jakub Rebelka, that presents a stunning view of a future where humanity’s last hope may be the person who created its destruction, available in October 2020. 

Sneak Peek Angel #7

[Preview] Angel #7

Angel’s in Sunnydale, so it’s up to TEAM SPIKE to save Los Angeles in this week’s Angel #7 from BOOM! Studios.

Boom Studios Judas #4

[Preview] Judas #4

The final issue of Judas arrives this week from BOOM! Studios. What will happen? What. Will. Happen? If only there was a sneak peek available… oh, there is!

Boom Studios Judas #3

[Preview] Judas #3

Yup. It is that story. Here is an early look at this week’s Judas #3 from BOOM! Studios, that features Judas confronting Jesus in the pits of Hell.

Boom Studios Judas #2

[Preview] Judas #2

Judas from BOOM! Studios may be one of the more interesting titles you will read this week. This week, Judas comes face to face with Satan.