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Or – “Timing Is Everything…” Is the new superhero Jackpot really the long-lost Mary Jane Watson? … Well, no.  No, she isn’t.  And it’s been over a year since we saw her last.  Will that affect how well the book works?

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MarvelSneak Peek

Damn dirty Skrulls are all over the place!  Some in the very places we live and work.  For Spider-Man, it’s time for friend and foe alike to join the fray and put those wrinkly chinned aliens in their place.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of The Amazing Spider-Man for you to check out.

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From the EditorMarvelMovies

While browsing the Interwebs this morning I saw a post talking about the low box office performance of the Incredible Hulk.  2008 is certainly the year of comic book movies, and with the initial praise the film received, I had to check out the facts for myself.

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