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Or – “All Things Must Come To An End…” So, another wave of zombie madness has fallen upon the Marvel Universe, and several of Marvel’s 70’s monster heroes have united to stop them.  Of course, having inoculated themselves with the zombie virus, they could easily turn sides and eat each other, which leads to some uncomfortable conversations here and there.  Zombie Deadpool is onboard, and things are about to wrap up the hard way.  Taking bets now as to who will be standing at the end…

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It was bound to happen as comic publishers move their content online in hopes of moving their readers there as well – web only exclusive content.  Marvel has announced Monsters, Myths, and Marvels: Galactus will be a web only title for the company’s Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscribers. This new digital comic initiative comes after the recent success of two exclusive digital comic tie-ins to the Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk movies. Digital-only exclusives will be published regularly on Wednesdays at the pace of three or more comics per month, adding to the ever growing collection of over 5,000

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