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FeatureFeaturedMajor SpoilersRandom Access Memory

Author’s Note: Random Access Memory is me looking back at the specific comics that shaped my life. Each month I go back in time – in five year intervals – to examine key comics that came out those months. (The idea is that after five years of monthly columns, I will have covered an entire lifetime – in this case, fifty years – of reading comics.) I also list all the comics I read that particular month. This will afford readers the opportunity to chastise me for not reading specific comics, and/or laugh at the horrible, horrible choices I made

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AuctionHulkIncredible HulkJack KirbyStan Lee

Earlier this month, auction house ComicConnect sold Incredible Hulk #1 for an incredible $375,000. That’s a new record for the comic that was first released in 1962.

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Cullen BunnMarvelMonstersSolicitationsStan LeeTrade Paperback

Before Monsters Unleashed! Prepare yourself for Monsters Unleashed Prelude!

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Dark Horse ComicsJack KirbySolicitationsTrade Paperback

Dark Horse Books has collected those classic tales, warning readers about the devil’s cigarettes, in a new Reefer Madness trade paperback.

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comic convention

Here is some exciting new for Jack Kirby fans – you can get your hands on his Fantastic Four work, and see what it looked like before it was colored and printed in an all new tome from IDW Publishing.

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Fantastic FourFeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReview

“Captain America: Civil War” brings several new players into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but one of them hasn’t had four movie origins since 2002…  Allow us to introduce you to The Black Panther!  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Fantastic Four #52 awaits!

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AuctionHeritage Auctions

The first appearance of Black Panther by Jack Kirby, original Peanuts strips, and an ultra rare Bill Watterson Calvin and Hobbes strip from 1987 hit the auction block in May.

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Eclipse ComicsFeaturedRetro ReviewReview

Today’s Retro Review offering brings with it the reminder that, sometimes, the behind-the-scenes events in comic publishing are as tense and dramatic as anything they put on the page…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Destroyer Duck #1 awaits!

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IDW PublishingJack KirbyPress ReleaseSolicitations

IDW Publishing is pleased to announce Jack Kirby’s The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition—the very first Marvel Comics Artist’s Edition to feature Kirby’s work. This mammoth 15” x 22” hardcover collection includes classic complete stories from Journey Into Mystery #111, #117, #118, and other stories, plus a beautiful gallery section by Kirby, the undisputed King of Comics.

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AuctionHeritage AuctionsJack KirbyThor

Heritage Auctions always has something interesting to sell, and its continued comic book finds and offerings always impress the heck out of me. Currently, the company is offering Journey Into Mystery #83 for anyone in the world to bid on, and the Near Mint 9.6 graded first appearance of The Mighty Thor will sell for more than $140,000.

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MarvelSneak PeekX-Men

Who said Marvel was killing off the X-Men series? There’s a new number one arrive next week, and we have your first look at the All-New X-Men #1!

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Fantastic FourFeaturedInhumansMarvelRetro ReviewReview

Season 2 of ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ hit recently, and once again we’re getting references to The Inhumans, one of several hidden populations of super-types in the Marvel Universe.  But what’s their deal and where do they come from?  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Fantastic Four #45 awaits!

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MarvelSneak Peek

Here is an early look at SHIELD #9 from the fine folks at Marvel Comics.

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Jack KirbyMarvelVariant

If you didn’t see it during Marvel’s October Solicitations release last week, here are the Kirby Monster variant covers headed your way in October.

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