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DC Superman #1 Review

Superman #1 Review

He was the first and the most iconic superhero ever created. His adventures have run for over eighty years. He has been a star on the silver screen, the stage, television, and radio. Everyone knows him, his story is a modern-day legend. But what happens when one of the most legendary comic creators of the past thirty years takes the reigns of his never-ending battle? Let’s find out in Superman #1 from DC Comics.

DC Man Of Steel #1 Feature

Man Of Steel #1 (of 6) Review

It’s a brand-new day for the Man Of Steel, but there are still a few questions unanswered about the new Metropolis status quo…  Your Major Spoilers review of Man Of Steel #1 awaits!


The Terrifics #2 Review

Trapped in a corner of the Dark Multiverse, Mister Terrific, Plastic Man and Metamorpho have found a strange young woman who was likewise stranded…    Your Major Spoilers review of The Terrifics #2 awaits!


Cyborg #3 Review

Cyborg’s nightmares are full of terrible aliens, all coming to steal his technology and ravage…

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