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I was humming the Italian Spiderman theme song the other day (as I often do when I’m about to go postal), and caught myself wonder what those glorious bastards who came up with the faux movie are doing now. My thought that was sent out to the universe has been answered.   Danger 5 arrives November 21. I am now asking the universe if I will win the Powerball Jackpot this week… via Dinosaur Worldwide

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If you missed the Italian Spiderman video series when we first talked about it on this very website a couple of years ago, you missed out on some awesome moments of fan film history. While nothing further became of the series, Francesco Francavilla keeps the memory alive with this very cool poster promoting the movie. via ComicTwart

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It’s Thrusday, which means another installment of the fantastic ITALIAN SPIDERMAN! Wake up and smell the tobacco as the Spider himself returns in real life colour to punch his way into your entertainment. [youtube][/youtube]

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