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I really liked the first Ultimate Iron Man story, but this latest arc still hasn’t fired for me. Perhaps this sneak peek from Marvel will get me excited.

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Special Feature This week it’s all about the Legion of Super-Heroes. Yeah, it’s going to get complex, so you might want to bone up on your Hero History. Linkage Listen Now! [podcast][/podcast] [display_podcast]

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Someone said they wanted to see Iron Man on one of the Who Do You Trust signs. Your wish is granted. For the rest of us, Secret Invasion begins in April, and in order to prepare for the adventure, Marvel will be giving away Secret Invasion Saga for FREE beginning tomorrow (March 5). Yes, that is correct – FREE COMIC BOOK FROM MARVEL. SECRET INVASION SAGA Written by JOHN RHETT THOMAS Cover by LEINIL YU Secret Invasion Saga traces the origins of the Skrull infiltration from the Elektra replacement to the Skrull’s very first visit to Earth. And did we

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Marvel isn’t holding back with the advertising for their next big hero movie, shelling out big bucks for an Iron Man ad in Super Bowl XLII.  If you missed it during the one and only airing, you can catch it again in high definition at the Apple website. The more that I see from this movie, the more I can’t wait to see it! via Apple

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