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Diamond Select Toys was kind enough to send us a rundown of most of the new toys and products it is showing off at the upcoming Toy Fair 2017.

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I don’t know how many models, LEGO sets, and other kits that are sitting in the Nerd Room of Doom that are unbuilt. Apparently Adam Savage has the same problem, and he’s doing something about it in this One Day Build of the Iron Giant Bolt.

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This week a giant robot crashes to Earth, and Zach learns about character development, story telling, and how to make a grown man cry as he learns about The Iron Giant.

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One could easily get lost down the rabbit hole of custom Lego builds on Flickr. Fortunately, I have three people telling me what to do, so I am easily yanked out of the world of play and joy and back into the mundane that is my RWJ (that’s Real World Job to you uninitiated). Today, while having a few moments of down time, I found this awesome Iron Giant figure made from Lego.

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