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Iron Fist Season 2
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I think we can all admit that the first season of Marvel’s Iron Fist series on Netflix wasn’t that great. The second season teaser trailer arrived at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, and while it doesn’t reveal a whole lot, it certainly looks like an improvement.

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The Defenders' war with Diamondback heats up...  Time for reinforcements!. Your Major Spoilers review of Defenders #9 awaits!

The Defenders’ war with Diamondback heats up…  Time for reinforcements!. Your Major Spoilers review of Defenders #9 awaits!

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Ten Things
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The use of retcons, or retroactive continuity, may be seen by some as proof that a story or trope was broken from the get-go.  We say, au contraire!  Sometimes going back to make adjustments to a narrative is not only a good idea, it’s absolutely NECESSARY.  Welcome to Ten Things!

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So, did I pick this book solely because of the novelty of finally reviewing a book with a number above 50 on the cover?  Maybe, maybe not.  But either way, Sabretooth is back to help out his first superhero foe…  Your Major Spoilers review of Iron Fist #73 awaits!

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Diamond Select ToysIron FistMarvelNetflixToys

Yes, there is a second season of Iron Fist coming to Netflix, and there’s a new Minimates collection from Diamond Select Toys.

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Baltimore Comic Con, Comic Book Convention, Comics Portal, Opinion
Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionComics PortalFeaturedOpinion

This past weekend, I attended one of my favorite cons, the 2017 edition of the Baltimore Comic-Con! Something happened that distracted from the event… for the second year in a row!

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Comics Portal 1,000,000 BC Avengers
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Sometimes it’s a real disadvantage having read comics for as long as I have. You live to see things come back in one form or another.

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Iron Fist Season Two
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While Iron Fist wasn’t the best of the Marvel Netflix series, it did have a few shining moments that could be developed into something bigger and better. Perhaps that is why the series has been renewed for a second season.

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Jessica Jones

Marvel continues to roll out the creative teams for upcoming Marvel Legacy titles. Today it is Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, with legacy number for one of them.

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Defenders #1 Review

The Heroes For Hire are in the sights of Luke oldest foe, Diamondback.  But somebody has upped his game after years of being “dead”…  Your Major Spoilers review of Defenders #1 awaits!

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Black LightningComics PortalDCFeaturedOpinionTelevision

Like The Ray, Black Lightning is a big step forward for The CW. It’s a mid-season replacement that I’m really looking forward to.

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The Defenders

Misty Knight doesn’t seem too happy, but oh boy does this first trailer make we want to see how Marvel’s The Defenders is going come together on August 18th.

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Iron Fist #1 roars into to comic shops this week, but is it really a roar, or merely a whimper? Find out as we take a look at Iron Fist #1 from Marvel Comics.

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