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Sometimes you are lucky in life, and two of your most loved interest crossover.  For the last 18 years, Dark Horse Comics has been giving Star Wars fans a reason to read comics and comic fans a reason to read Star Wars.  This past July, they released another reason in the form of the new series, Star Wars: Invasion. A little background on the Invasion series: it takes place during the series of prose novels known as The New Jedi Order.  The New Jedi Order (or NJO for short) was a massive series that was comprised of 19 novels. Don’t

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I’m digging the way networks are dealing the with the summer season.  Instead of being inundated with rerun after rerun (hey, hey, hey hey!), we get a heaping serving of new shows. Last week, Burn Notice returned to the USA Network, and those that dig on vampires should have their appetite satiated following last nights series return. But what about other shows?  Take the jump to read a quick rundown of the rumors surfacing about a possible new Time Lord appearance in Doctor Who, Eureka gets a new girl, and a possible lesbian relationship on Heroes.

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