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We’ve some really amazing fan films, but this one goes way over the top.  The people at WormyT have spent a great deal of time culling clips from some great action films (Hugh Jackman from X-Men for example), and cat-ized each clip with a bunch of rotoscoping and CGI enhancements.  The result?  I pretty believable Thundercats trailer that will probably get the Interweb Nets all a twitter over the next couple of weeks over the possibility of a real Thundercats movie.

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As many of you saw this week, DC issued a recall of the Frank Miller/Jim Lee All-Star Batman and Robin issue, citing printing errors.  Any issues that may have “accidentally” reached the local comic shops were supposed to be destroyed.  The printing error in question had to do with a couple four letter words and the dark censor bar that just wasn’t dark enough to block out those words. When you send out an announcement like that, two things are bound to happen; A) LCSes that want to make a fast buck are going to sell the issue for 10

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Heroic Publishing

WOWIO relaunched yesterday under its new owner Platinum Studios, and the first thing I’ve noticed is the free sponsored downloads appear to be a thing of the past.  While you can read the issues online for free, you need to be connected to the Interweb in order to get that freebie.  If you want to download for offline reading later, the prices seem to fluctuate based on the title being offered. That’s a real bummer. On the plus side, when you are reading the individual pages, you can save and download the images.  You’ll have to do some renaming, but

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