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DCGotham City SirensReview

All is not well between the Gotham City Sirens, after Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn gas Catwoman for information about Batman.

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Bluewater ProductionsSolicitations

Bluewater Productions has sent along the cover images and soliciation information for titles arriving in July 2009.

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Booster GoldDCReview

Faces of Evil As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of company wide events.  For some titles  the company wide event works, almost like it was planned, but for the larger majority, the company wide event gets shoe horned in a way that pulls the reader away from the story because of the “Hey, look what we’re doing!” style of writing.  Fortunately, for Booster Gold the Faces of Evil event works only because there is time travel involved.

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Boom StudiosCthulhuReview

Or, “If Cthulhu calls, take a message…” Okay, I have to admit, I’ve been bad. But I am about to try and make up for it. I’ve heard all the love that the guys here at Major Spoilers have been heaping on BOOM! Studios. I’d heard that they had won the “Best New Publisher” award from Wizard Magazine. I’ve listened to the podcasts and read the reviews. Despite all that, I really did not think that BOOM! had anything for me as a comic reader. Well tonight, while I was getting caught up on listening to the podcasts, I heard

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