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Batman #689 continues Dick Grayson’s incremental takedown of the Penguin’s many underworld schemes, thanks to tips from an anonymous source.  But like any good would be kingpin, Oswald Copplepot isn’t going to take these attacks lightly.

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Reversal of powers, reality altering hijinks of imps from the fifth dimension, and the return of Supergirl are just some of the tales found inside the pages of Superman/Batman, the follow up series to the long running and highly popular World’s Finest.  The 80’s are long over, but the continuing adventures of DC’s BFFs need to be told.  And this time, we find out who really is the bigger man.

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One of the best comics going around at the moment is Wolverine First Class. It is a telling of how the close relationship that Kitty and Logan have evolved, from Kitty’s first days at the Xavier School. It’s funny, it’s cute, and above all, it gives you the insight in to their relationship it promises. However the sales are not justifying its quality, with only 22,000 sold for issue 3. It’s a pity, because it is a book I want to continue reading.

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