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Three issues in and we’re still no closer to discovering what ultimately made The Plutonian snap and switch sides from good to bad.  We’ve learned about his love life, and her betrayal of his secret identity, which makes me wonder what Mark Waid has in store for readers next.

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Boom Studios

Or rather, the company has announced it will release a 24-issue maxi-series that translates Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  The series will bring the complete novel to comic book form and  plans to present the story with panel-to-panel continuity and actual text from the novel. “We are thrilled that DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? is being adapted for this audience by such a talented team. We’ve been incredibly impressed with BOOM!’s ability to create such a faithful interpretation of the original work without sacrificing their own original instincts and artistic sensibilities,” said Laura Leslie and

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Dynamite EntertainmentReview

Or – “Strong Instincts Got Me Where I Am Today…” Which is to say, the position of “Ineffectual Middle Management Suckup” with a part-time job at a comic store and a gig writing on the intarwebs.  I will not say that I’m always right about whether or not a comic series will succeed.  I rooted for Martian Manhunter, after all, and was a big fan of the recently deceased Shadowpact series.  But, barring the occasional title for which I have an inexplicable fondness, my comic-picking thought process has a not-too-terrible batting average.  When this book was advertised, I suspected that

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ReviewTop Cow

Or, “With the absence of old friends, new ones appear…” A number of years ago, I picked up a title which I knew nothing about called Strangers In Paradise. While I was just looking for anything to read during a slow release week, I found a friendship which lasted for many years. Katchoo, Francine, David and the rest of the cast where welcome into my life, and those of several friends, with each new issue. SiP was one of the first books I was able to hook my wife on when we where dating, and it was one we read

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