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After the decades of headache over who created Superman and Superboy, who currently owns the character outright, and who owes whom how much money, the latest court decision between the Siegel estate, DC and Warner Bros. Entertainment, should embolden the conglomerate to move forward with other Superman related projects.  The latest suit between the parties had the Siegel estate arguing that DC gave Warner Bros. a “sweetheart deal” in licensing the Superman character for Superman Returns and the Smallville series, resulting in the family getting less money than they believe they should have.

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We’ve seen Mark Waid write the hero as bad guy before.  His take on heroes as villains in Kingdom Come shows the hero stepping over the bounds as a revolt against their older counterparts, and trying to figure their place in a changing world.  And while there are others who have written openly violent tales of the good guy doing bad things, no one has ever stopped to ponder the question, “What made this person evil?”   In the case of Irredeemable, Waid dives into the answer and brings readers along for the ride down that dark path.

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