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Recently I’ve been noticing a lot of discussion online about Superman. He’s been getting a lot of attention with the Rebirth event, with DC even putting out more comics featuring the Man of Steel and many of his supporting cast. But one topic really has grabbed my attention, and that is people saying that the current version of the hero is “not my Superman.”

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Love to see heroes beat up on heroes? WB Games has released the first trailer for the upcoming Injustice 2 allowing characters from the DCU to take their aggressions out on each other.

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Marvel released another teaser image for Injustice, Like Lightning, that reveals a few more characters.

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We know that Avengers: Standoff is coming, but Marvel is thinking three steps ahead and is already teasing what comes after.

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This week, Bob Salley from Salvagers returns to give us some exciting news, so he’s up first in episode #201! Then my coverage of this year’s New York Comic Con continues with three special interviews. You’ll hear my chat with Nick Dragotta from Superman: American Alien followed by my interview with Wonder Woman creator Meredith Finch. Then everything concludes with my talk with Injustice: Gods Among Us creator Tom Taylor, who has a couple of fascinating DC projects to discuss. Again, special thanks to Charlotte Sandler from BH Impact and the folks at DC Comics’ publicity! You’ll find the sequence

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A lot of folks in the comics industry wonder if video games are still likely to wipe out comics in our lifetime. Well, one way to meet this head-on is to create comics that tie in to popular games, like the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight prequel.

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The panels are getting in the swing on the first day of San Diego Comic Con 2013 and the DC All Access Panel has just wrapped up. Many comics were discussed and we have a load of never before seen art work ready for you to view after the jump.

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A few weeks ago we showed you the Injustice Battle Arena. This has been an entertaining and interesting way for Nether Realm to show off some gameplay footage and slowly reveal some more characters. This week, we got a couple of awesome reveals, which you can see after the jump.

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Comic tie-ins to franchises in other mediums have a notoriously bad reputation. Sometimes you get some cheesy fun ones like Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator, but there are very few good ones that are not continuations of the original property. Prequel comics, especially, are seen as not being very good by virtue of having to end at a specific place for the primary vehicle for the franchise to start at. So does Injustice: Gods Among Us, a comic, based on a video game, based on various comic franchises, work where others have failed? Find out with your Major Spoilers

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There’s a new Ender’s Game story on the way, and Marvel sent out a sneak peek for Major Spoilers to share with you.

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