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Marvel Two In One #2
Fantastic FourFeaturedHuman TorchMarvelReviewThe Thing

Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm are working together again, looking for the last legacy of the Fantastic Four.  Of course, Ben may not have given his junior partner all the information about their fallen family members…  Your Major Spoilers review of Marvel Two-In-One #2 awaits!

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Infamous Iron Man #11 Review
dr. doomFeaturedIron ManMarvelReview

Victor Von Doom’s mother has returned from death, only to reveal that she’s not alone.  Can the new Iron Man overcome his hatred of his oldest frenemy?  Your Major Spoilers review of Infamous Iron Man #11 awaits!

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Brian Michael BendisDoctor DoomIron ManMarvelSneak Peek

GASP! DOCTOR DOOM IS THE INFAMOUS IRON MAN!? HOW CAN THIS BE!? Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Infamous Iron Man #1, that may give you the answer…

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