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Monsters are something many of us truly love and, during this week’s Episode 268, Russell Nohelty from Wannabe Press is back, giving us the scoop on his Kickstarter that will be beginning this Tuesday for his hardcover, 244-page anthology called Monsters and Other Scary Shit.

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Suppose you discovered that every time you died, you actually transported into another you in another, albeit somewhat similar, universe? What would that do to you? The answer begins to take shape in Alter-Life #1, which I had the pleasure of picking up at the recent Wizard World Chicago convention!

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ArchaiaBoom StudiosFeaturedIndie ComicsReview

Halogen #1 introduces readers to Rell, who looks like an angel and is stuck in a very convoluted story.

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FeaturedImage ComicsIndie ComicsKurt BusiekReviewthe Autumnlands

The Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #3 proves that threats to the safety of the now fallen city aren’t all as big and scary as one would suspect.

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FeaturedGreg RuckaIndie ComicsOni PressReview

Stumptown #5 has Dex getting closer and closer to discovering who attacked her friend Mercury before she screws up in a big way and, then takes matters even more into her own hands.

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Kyle Higgins, the current writer of Nightwing, has an unparalleled love of superheroes that manifests itself in his short film The League. Set in Chicago, the Grey Raven’s sidekick, Sparrow, has returned to investigate a series of murders seemingly committed by an old speedster super villain. Does the passion poured into the project make for a good film? Find out with a special indie movie Major Spoilers review!

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October was an interesting month for comics as the industry saw an increase in revenue of 9% over last year at this time.  At first it may appear to be due to larger sales, but when one examines the Top 50 books, 18 titles had a price point of $3.99, or roughly 36% of the books shipping for the month. The least expensive book was GI JOE: A New Beginning #0, which cost $1.00.  The most expensive was Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge #380 with the high price of $7.99.  While there are a lot of $3.99 books, $2.99 still rules the

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Jeff Smithrasl

Arriving in stores this week is the third installment of Jeff Smith’s RASL series – one of the best indie titles being distributed right now.  Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue that hints we may find out who is the Maya on that tattoo.

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Zenescope Entertainment

Zenescope Entertainment has announced J. Scott Campbell has done the cover for the company’s upcoming Beyond Wonderland #1 issue that arrives at the end of the month.  David Finch does the other variant cover that will be shipping 50/50 to stores.  I wonder if that means if my LCS only orders two of these issues, if they’ll get one of each… Complete covers (and more boobies) after the jump.

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BoneJeff SmithMoviesWarner Bros.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to produce a Bone movie based on Jeff Smith’s indie title. Smith will executive produce the movie, but the big question is what format the flick will take. An animated version was in development at Nickelodeon Films but fell through, partly because Smith was displeased that the studio was aiming it for kids and wanted the film to include pop songs. I say get PIXAR to do it, make it a stunning 3D movie and make millions.  The big drawback is PIXAR is owned by Disney/Apple and Warner

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