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Review Days of Hate #12 Review 9.0

Days of Hate #12 Review

After the storm, calm.  In the aftermath of the pyrotechnics of the previous issue, Days of Hate #12 contemplates those who survived and the future, if there is such a thing, to look forward too.  Step into the finale of one of the great comic series of our time.

Review Die #2 Cover 8.7

Die #2 Review

Solomon made a game, but he never made it out.  Now, he’s dragging his friends back in with him…  Your Major Spoilers review of Die #2 awaits!

Review Bitter Root #3 Review 10.0

Bitter Root #3 Review

As fear escalates, so does conflict. Tensions rise and things slip out of control in Harlem and in Mississippi – can the Sangeryes hold everything together?

Review Criminal #1 Review 8.0

Criminal #1 Review

Teeg Lawless is back on the road, searching for that perfect score when he discovers his best friend is dead, and his best friend’s ex-wife is in need of someone to warm her bed.  And then things really get interesting.

Review Savage Dragon #241 Review 5.3

Savage Dragon #241 Review

From the Golden Age of comics, powered by the boost of energy in a delicious Tootsie Roll, comes Captain Tootsie!  And the Dragon’s life will never be the same. Your Major Spoilers review of Savage Dragon #241 awaits!

Review Exprsosters #3 Review 8.7

Exorsisters #3 Review

Is there anything more awkward than meeting your ex?  There is, if he’s returning from the great beyond…  Your Major Spoilers review of Exorsisters #3 awaits!

Review Outpost Zero #5 Review 8.0

Outpost Zero #5 Review

Work finally begins on the ice covering the dome, and Alea wants Sam to work with her to figure out Steven’s final message. They need help from Lyss – is she willing to get involved?

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