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Review Marvel Action: Black Panther #2 Review

Marvel Action: Black Panther #2 Review

The bizarre weather patterns in Wakanda are getting worse. A heat wave, mud slides, wild fires and more have taken the country by storm and stretched the Black Panther to the limit of his attention. Now, with a malaria epidemic raging, can the Royal Family of Wakanda uncover the problem before their land and its people are destroyed?

Review GLOW #3 7.7

GLOW #3 Review

When actors and wrestlers meet, the real magic happens…  Your Major Spoilers review of GLOW #3 awaits!

Review 8.0

Canto #1 Review

On the world of Arcana, a race of mechanical people have been enslaved and depersonalized. When one dares to be an individual, what new perils await him? Find out in Canto #1!

Review 9.0

Ghost Tree #3 Review

Brandt has inherited a family trait – the ability to see and speak with ghosts. But does spending so much time with the dead change the living? Find out in Ghost Tree #3!

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